Along with the planning and designing of your special event or wedding, Event Styling Co also offer an extensive range of event hire items available for you to select from, Please phone or email us for a no obligation quote, All our prices include gst and we own all of our own stock so you will find the quality and reasonable price you are looking for.
Our event stylists and wedding decorators would love to help you make your event a stress free and enjoyable experience. .

All our items are of quality standard and can be picked up from our showroom in West Auckland or we offer delivery to the venue, as well as professional installation and pack up after the function. 
catering equipment for hire

Terms and Conditions

1. Hire Period - The period commences as at the date shown on the rental agreement at the       
time it leaves the owners store. The period of hire shall be as per dates recorded on the hire agreement       
The owner may terminate the hire at anytime and without providing any reason for doing so after        
giving 48 hours written notice. The owner will not be responsible to the hirer for any loss they may        
claim to have suffered in respect of such termination, and not withstanding the termination of the       
hire then the hirer shall be obliged to pay to the owner a sum equal to the hire charges for such       
period as the equipment is out of the owners possession.       
2. Delivery and removal of equipment - The hirer authorises the owner to bring it's vehicles onto       
their property to deliver and recover the equipment at the end of hire. The Owner shall not be        
responsible to the hirer nor third parties for any damage that may be done to driveways or        
underground services by any reason of the weight of the vehicle. Requests for collection must be       
made by telephone when the hirer has finished with the equipment and not by prior arrangement.       
All cartage charges are to be paid by the Hirer. Equipment must be packed up, ready for        
loading, and assistance rendered to the Owners driver if more than one person is required to load       
it. Hirer is still responsible for equipment until it is picked up from site by Party And Fun Depot or one of its agents.       
3. Payment - Upon entry of this agreement, the hirer shall pay in full the total hire amount including       
any bond required. Unless the Hirer operates a credit account with the Owner.       
The Hirer by accepting the goods and services agrees to the terms and conditions as laid down by       
the owner and agrees to pay any costs of collection and all legal fees incurred by the Owner in the       
event of legal action becoming necessary.       
Where the hirer operates a credit account with the Owner payment is due on the Twentieth of the       
month following date of invoice. Where payment is not made by the due date, the Owner reserves       
the right to charge default interest at the rate of 10% above the the Hirer's overdraft rate as it may apply.       
4. Hire Rates - Unless otherwise specifically arranged between the owner and the hirer, equipment       
is hired on a daily rate, in accordance with the owners current schedule of charges.       
5. No Warranties - The equipment does not purport to be new stock. The owner gives no warranty       
or representation as to the condition or the quality of the equipment or it's fitness for any particular       
purpose and no such warranty shall be implied from the description of the equipment on the order       
sheet completed. It is the hirers responsibility to satisfy him or herself that the equipment is        
suitable for the purpose intended. All implied warranties and conditions as to the condition, quality       
or fitness of the equipment for any purpose are excluded.       
6. Property - The equipment shall at all times remain the property of the the owner and the hirer        
shall acquire no interest in the equipment. The hirer will not part with possession of the equipment       
or any part thereof except with the consent of the owner and will not sell or purport to attempt       
to sell, pledge, mortgage, encumber, charge, sublet or otherwise deal in a manner prejudicial to        
the owner with the equipment of any part thereof.       
7. Maintenance of Equipment - The hirer shall take good and proper care of the equipment and       
shall be fully liable to the owner for the cost of repairs or replacement of the equipment or any       
part thereof arising from fire, theft, accident, use, misuse, act of God, or otherwise loss or damage       
whatsoever caused during the period of Hire. In the event that any equipment is returned to the        
Owner in a dirty condition, the hirer shall be liable for any extra charges for cleaning or repair.       
The hirer warrants that they are competent and qualified to use the equipment. The Owner is not       
liable for any loss alleged to have been suffered by the Hirer as the result of breakdown of the       
equipment however caused. The Hirer shall not have any claim against the Owner for loss or damage       
suffered by the Hirer as a result if the Hirer use or misuse of the equipment and furthermore the       
Hirer will indeminify the Owner against any claim made against the Owner by a third party in respect       
of injury, personal or property or other loss arising out of the use or misuse of the equipment       
provided. The hirer shall forthwith notify the Owner in the event of any breakdown or failure       
and will not carry out any repairs without the consent of the Owner       
8. Joint and Several Liability - All obligations imposed upon the Hirer by this agreement if there shall be more than       
one Hirer shall be joint and several. The Hirer shall not assign the agreement to any other person.       
9. Owners Right to Inspect - The Hirer shall forthwith upon request by the Owner advise the Owner of the       
whereabouts of the equipment and allow the Owner it's agents or servants reasonable time to inspect and       
test the equipment and for such purposes the Hirer hereby gives irrevocable leave and license to the Owner       
it's agents and servants to take possession of and remove the same and to enter upon any premises of        
the Hirer and as the act of the Hirer enter upon any premises where the equipment or any of the same or       
part thereof may be.       
10. Default - If the Hirer does not observe or comply with the terms of this agreement, or if the Hirer commits       
an act of bankruptcy or being a company a petition shall be presented for it's winding up or a resolution shall       
be made for it's winding up or a proposal is made for composition with it's conditions or a receiver shall be        
appointed of it's assets or any of them or an execution or distress believed upon the equipment or if any judgement       
against the Hirer shall remain unsatisfied for two days or more, the Owner may by notice immediately terminate        
this agreement time being of the essence.       
11. Notice - Any notice to be given under the terms of this agreement shall be effective if posted by ordinary post to        
the address provided on the order sheet copy hereof for the Hirer and shall be deemed to have been given when       
such notice would have been received in the ordinary course of post.       
12. Authority - The person signing the order sheet for or on behalf of the Hirer warrants that he or she has the        
authority of the Hirer to make this contract on the hirers behalf and that he or she is employed by the Hirer to       
bind to this agreement. The person so signing hereby indemifies the Owner against any losses and costs incurred       
by the Owner in the event that the person signing does not have authority on behalf of the Hirer.       
13. Termination and Remedies - Upon termination of the period of Hire whether by the passing of the date and       
time for the return or by notice or however.       
(a) The Hirer shall forthwith return all of the equipment to the Owner in good clean order and condition.       
(b) The Owner shall have the right to immediately repossess the equipment and for such purpose, the Hirer gives       
irrevocable lease and license to the Owner it’s servants and agents to enter upon any premises of the Hirer       
or associate of the Hirer where the equipment or any part thereof may be.       
(c) The Hirer shall forthwith pay to the Owner the following amounts:       
(1) All outstandinghire charges to the time of termination       
(2) In respect of any equipment or part thereof not returned by the time of termination, a sum        
equivalent to the Hire charges for any such equipment or part thereof, or any further period       
until the equipment is returned to the Owners possession provided that in respect of any        
equipment which is lost or destroyed the Hirer shall pay instead a reasonable cost of replacement.       
(3) Any delivery or collection costs reasonably incurred by the Owner upon repossessing the equipment.       
(4) In respect of any equipment or part thereof returned in damaged or dirty condition a reasonable       
cost of repair and or cleaning will apply.       
(5) In the event steps of legal action are deemed necessary all amounts outstanding       
will require reimbursement of such recovery action.       

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