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Event Lighting Hire

Event Styling Co specializes in designing the best sound and lighting solutions for any event. Our passionate and creative team are adept in the positioning of various combinations of lights and sound systems to create the ceremony or function that you envisioned. Whether it be jukebox and dance floors for the birthday party or soft toned lighting and quality speaker system for the reception, Event Styling Co has everything needed to help you create the perfect function or ceremony.
wedding lighting setup with spotlights and chandeliers

Event Lighting, Fairy & Festoon Lights

Fairy Light Curtains

LED & Laser Lights

Captivate your guests and set the mood with some of our quality lighting solutions. Whether you request sensual, ambient dinner lighting, bright colourful fairy lights or practical and traditional lighting decor, our flexible range will have something for everyone. 

All of our lighting products can be customized to suit any atmosphere that you desire, for example our multi-coloured wall wash lighting, which gives ambiance and elegance to any venue and is useful at defining specific areas, while our decorative fairly lights can add a sense of cuteness and fun to the proceedings. If you can’t quite make the choice between our huge ranges, our friendly team will lend an expert ear, and come up with some quaint and beautiful solutions for you and your guests. 


Event Styling Co has everything you need for your ceremony or event not just to be seen, but also heard, because everyone knows good music means a good party! 

Our top of the line range of PA systems and wireless microphones are perfect for any ceremony speeches or corporate functions, whilst our jukeboxes and karaoke machine can be a great addition to liven up that birthday or anniversary party. 

Our reliable team is also available to help you with any questions and can also arrange delivery and pick up. 

Our products and services include:

Mini Juke - $230

Illuminator Jukebox - $295 includes delivery and pickup in Auckland*

Mini Juke
Our Mini Juke Jukebox is a small portable pickup machine that comes with 2 powerful 300-watt speakers. Perfect for those looking to save money, It is small enough to fit into a car. Don’t let its size fool you though, with colourful light effects and fantastic sound, this MiniJuke has enough power to cater for a large venue. The touch screen with over 8000 songs and pre-set playlists can be programmed. Add Karaoke to your Jukebox for an additional $50
Illuminator Jukebox
We supply only the latest digital models with great features like over 8000 songs; play list control, lockout modes, pre-set play lists and music video clips all with great quality sound.  
Our Jukeboxes come with a karaoke option containing over 2000 great karaoke songs & 2 microphones. 

*Buildings with stairs, rural areas and after hours delivery may incur an additional delivery charge.
*Karaoke Add on $50

Portable PA System $85.00

This Battery powered PA System is ideal for use outdoors where there is no power supply. This system includes 1 x 50 watt speaker, 1 microphone and stand. External input can be hooked up to play background music. It is suitable for a small intimate crowd of up to approximately 40 people, great for wedding ceremonies.

Powered PA System $75.00 Single

Powered PA System $145.00 Twin

Powered PA System
These PA Systems do require power, comes with Quest 300 watt speaker, speaker stand, connection cable and 1 x wired microphone. Suitable for large halls with up to approximately 50 people (single) 100 people (twin). Add a wireless microphone set for an extra $65.00.

High Quality Digital Projector & Screen $135.00

These items can be hired individually or together in a combo package. The screen size is 86-inch, high quality and on its own stand. Our projector comes with multiple auxiliary inputs including HDMI, VGA and RCA audio input. Individually the Projector is $100.00, the screen is $60.00.

Dance Floors

The perfect item to get everyone up and dancing, our Illuminated Dance floors really do set your party apart from the rest! With the options to set to specific colours, changing patterns or to the beat of the music, your guests wont be able to help leaving there seats for it. Can also be easily set up appropriate to the size of your venue. $60 Per square metre includes installation and pickup - package discounts apply.
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